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V5 BUILD PLATE 3*235*235 MM

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1. Light texture .And it is easy to install and fix on the hot bed with clips.

2. The surface texture is similar to that of orange peel;

3. Suitable for printing of PLA, PETG, ABS and other filaments;

4. It can be used on both sides;

5. After the hot bed is cooled, the prints will fall off automatically;

6. Recommended parameters for hot bed temperature setting:

PLA :50-70℃      Flexible filament :50-70      ABS : 90-110℃       PC : 100-130℃     Nylon: 100-110℃    PETG : 50-70℃        PP : 100-130

7.Suggested printing speed for your first layer: 30 mm/s;

8.Please set brim or raft when Nylon printing;

9. This product is black. After the black layer on the surface is worn, the viscosity of the build plate will be weakened, so do not remove the prints when the build plate is not completely cooled. It is suggested that users with frequent printing work purchase two build plates alternately.

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