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FDM 3D printer motherboard ramps 1.4

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1Integrated board with high integration

It solves the problems of cumbersome and easy failure of ramps 1.4 composite interface


2、On board SD card drive circuit

Completely solve the problem of SD card read-write interference caused by too long screen cable.


3、Using a4982 as motor driver chip

Tssop package provides better heat dissipation performance


4、High performance n-MOSFET

A. N-MOSFET with low internal resistance and high switching speed improves heating efficiency and reduces heat output.

B.The vertical welding of to220 package makes the heat dissipate directly into the air, and the heat will not be introduced into the board, which is more conducive to thermal design.

In particular, bed heating not only uses the n-MOSFET with higher performance, but also has a special aluminum radiator installed on the back, which can withstand the severe test of 260W platform heating.


5、Using high performance power chip (lm2596s)

A. Improve conversion efficiency and solve the problem of ramps voltage conversion heating.

B. High voltage withstand to increase the voltage withstand value of main board to 30V.


6、Optimized layout, routing and heat dissipation design

A. The a4982 layout is arranged in a row to make the heat distribution more uniform.

B. Complete and connected heat dissipation copper skin + exposed heat dissipation window provide excellent heat dissipation performance for motor drive chip. In extreme cases, aluminum radiator can also be added here to further improve the heat dissipation performance.

C. The layout of a4982 and n-MOSFET should be separated from the temperature sensor interface as far as possible to reduce the impact of thermal radiation on temperature detection.

D. The optimized PCB routing design makes the signal transmission more stable and has passed the rigorous test of continuous printing for more than 120 hours.


7、Rich extension interfaces

A. On the back of the board, six I / OS are expanded in the form of pads, namely pd0, PD1, PL4, PL5, pl6 and pl7.

B. The power port is reserved with DC terminal interface, which is convenient to use when using the power adapter.


8、Open source firmware marlin is available

The configuration is the same as ramps1.4, which can directly replace ramps1.4.


9Lcd2004 and LCD12864 control board of ramps 1.4 can be directly connected

 SD card can only be inserted on the card base of main board.

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