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UV curing lamp

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Operation manual of UV lamp box


Step 1: Please design the light box size according to your printer size, noticed that the window size and screw hole position of the cover shall be subject to the actual size of the lamp.

STL file as a reference. You can use 3D printing to print the light box you need, or you can use cardboard or other materials to make the light box.

Step 2: Please remove the four screws on the UV lamp, and fix the lamp on the printed cover.

Step 3: Please stick the reflective film inside the box around the inside and at the bottom of the box.

Step 4: Please put the 3D printing model in the box, put on the cover, plug in the power and turn on the power switch. 

Step 5: UV curing time is determined by the actual situationit is usually 3-5 minutes. You can turn off the power and remove the UV lamp to check whether it is cured.


Please keep the model close to the light source as much as possible; the reflective film is also necessary, which can make full use of the light source and enhance the curing effect.


Send mail to :  to get STL files.

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